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  • Axle alignment

    It consists of the tires working parallel to each other and rolling at the correct angle. Each vehicle has its own angles. These angles depend on the weight on each of the front and rear tires, design and resistance of springs, coils or torque bars and other factors.

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      • Tire balancing

        Compensate both tire and rim weight after mounting. A tire is out of balance when one of its areas is heavier or lighter than the rest. This can result in uneven wear and vibrations.

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          • Removal and installation of tires

            It consists of removing the tires from the vehicle either for change or repair and after that the installation of the same to the vehicle is performed by making the proper adjustment and torque.

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              • Disassembly and assembly of tires

                It consists of removing the tire from the rim either for repair or change, after which the tire is assembled to the rim including the inflation of the tire.

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                  • Tire marking

                    Consists of inscribing the pre-determined coding (series of numbers assigned by customer) in the existing marking area on the tire with a hot marker. Tool for hot tire marking.

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                      • Repair

                        Set of activities or stages whose objective is to remove all the damaged material from the tire and replace it with appropriate materials (rubbers, patches, etc.) restoring its functionality, with the purpose of avoiding the premature loss of these, always respecting the tolerances of the tire and patch manufacturers.

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